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Awfultanker Session Stats

Awfultanker Session Stats is a modification for World Of Tanks originally based on Locastans Minimal Session Stats. It is easy to install and includes a small reference manual. Adjustments can be done in the config file (stat_config.json) The following features are available:

Battle Messages. Displays a custom battle message for each battle with additional information not available in the standard battle message. Options are explained in the manual (manual.txt) and includes changing the colour and selecting result data to show. Available data includes XP, kills, credits (after expenses), Marks Of Excellence and many more. This feature can be disabled.

Session statistics. A message is permanently attached at the bottom of the Notification Center displaying statistics for the current session. A new session can be started by pressing the reset button. Automatic reset can be enabled for a daily reset at a specified time.

Tank Statistics. This feature provides a list of vehicles and their performance for this session. Clicking a vehicle in the list provides additional stats for the selected vehicle. The stats available are roughly the same as are available for the session statistics. A reset option is available for each vehicle.

Battle Ended Notifications. This feature is off by default. If enabled, will notify the player that the previous battle has ended. The result will be shown in the ingame chat area.

WN8 or the time of day can optionally be shown on the notification button.

<< Download >> Version 9.20.0   Updated 30/08-2017

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The mods are packed in zip files. Extract/copy the content to the World Of Tanks mod folder eg. C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods.