Awfultanker ServerMarker

Awfultanker ServerMarker is a modification for World Of Tanks enabling the player to display both client and server gun markers simultaneously. This is different from the standard client were the client gun marker will disappear if the server gun marker is selected in the options.

The modification works by putting a custom server gun marker on top of the standard client gun marker. The custom gun marker implementation is using the simple .dds fileformat for storing the graphics and templates are included. The templates are .pdn files letting the user easily make his own gun marker graphics using the gratis Paint.net image editor.

Additional features include:
- Seperate scaling of the gun marker in arcade and sniper mode.
- Prevent team damage (can't shoot if ally is in front of gun)

All features can be enabled/disabled individually, only the server gun marker is on by default but can also be disabled. A small manual is included.

Usage: Edit the config file with a suitable editor (such as the gratis Notepad++) and then activate "Enable server reticle" in the in-game options.

<< Download >> Version   Updated 12/06-2024


The mods are packed in zip files. Extract/copy the content to the World Of Tanks mod folder eg. C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods.